After meeting at university, the two founders began travelling to Oslo with any spare time they had. This later became an annual tradition which is still going strong to this very day. With their furniture skills better than their attempts at fishing, the pair began talking about creating well-considered yet functional pieces to sit on. Shortly after returning back to London in 2014, Century Modern was founded. Both locations have become a great inspiration for every sofa and armchair designed.


Sat fishing in those cold lakes, they quickly fell in love with all that Norway had to offer and it was paramount that this was translated back into the furniture. Scandinavian design has a futuristic style to it, everything is created with such simplicity and purpose. Highly functional, clean and crafted to emphasise the importance of enjoying domestic life. Oslo has since become their second home.


Sleek and sophisticated, there’s a hidden rebellious British spirit to each piece, particularly the Show Wood range. Each design is understated in their own right but at the same time is also a showstopper bursting with English suave. London carries a certain prestige when it comes to quality, hence why they’ve hand-picked the purest aniline leather and 100% new wool. Bespoke, contemporary furniture which celebrates everything British design stands for.

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