After first meeting at university in England the two founders, initially united by their passion for furniture design, started taking annual fishing trips to Oslo together. Whilst there they would discuss their combined passion for thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted products. During one of these fishing trips, they decided to create a furniture collection that would incorporate these shared sensibilities. This is when Century Modern was conceived.

Every piece of Century Modern furniture is designed in London and handcrafted in Olso. Both of these cities have provided a great source of inspiration for the collection.


Norway experiences long, dark winters, this is why the Norwegian ethos prioritises utility and simplicity. Their design is highly functional, clean and finely crafted with a style that is intuitively warm and embraces natural materials. After sat fishing in those cold lakes, the pair started to admire this philosophy. Translating this back into the furniture, functionality, clean lines and natural materials have become integral to the core range.


Rooted in a rich history, elegance and charm define London design. With a strong heritage of craftsmanship and traditional skills, British design still manages to push the boundaries, remaining curious and innovative. London is also known for high-quality materials that stand the test of time. This is why the purest aniline leather and 100% new wool have been hand-picked for the Century Modern collection.

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