The two founders first met whilst at art university in England united by their passion for furniture design. During a fishing trip in the Norwegian fjords, which later became an annual tradition, they shared their love for thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted products. During one of these trips in 2014, the duo decided to combine these sensibilities with their passion for furniture design. That is the moment Century Modern was born.

The concept was simple to create high-quality furniture that celebrated their love of classic design but was updated for modern life. Their thoughtfully conceived core range consists of three silhouettes with two signature finishes. Handmade using traditional processes and natural materials, each piece of furniture is created with a focus on quality. The pair have since gained a collective of over 20 years experience in design and manufacturing and have gone on to become Red Dot award-winners and be credited with the IDSA. They still go on their (unsuccessful) fishing trip every year although this is their idea of a company board meeting.

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