A freelance graphic designer, George lives in London with his wife and two children. Their family home is a celebration of simplicity and function with accents of their quirky characteristics hidden around each corner. After buying the mid-century Show Wood Armchair, we were intrigued to see how George and his family styled them into their recently finished property. 

Light and airy, each room beams with personality. The family has chosen well-made pieces around their home, with each being completely practical. From white honeycomb kitchen tiles to an abundance of plants, everything has a purpose. “We moved it six years ago. The house was in a bit of a state and needed some real love, so we’ve spent pretty much every weekend since renovating it. We’re now at a place where we’re really happy and proud to call it home.”

Combining white walls with eccentric details, George keeps the space clean whilst giving it life. “My wife actually chose the Mid-Century armchair for the living room. We wanted a place where we can relax over a beer at the weekends. It definitely does the job, especially for the kids who always fall asleep on it during a Saturday movie night.”

Often meeting his clients at home, George keeps his dedicated office space grown-up and sleek. “I need to look the right part. I chose the Show Wood armchair as it looks so effortlessly professional. I then decided to decorate and buy pieces around it. Keeping the room slightly darker tone with more serious pieces of furniture means that I have a great place to work in but also a proud place where clients can come over for a coffee.”

Nostalgia plays a big part in the couple’s lives, especially when it comes to focal pieces. “We were both born in the late 70s, so for me, even though the Show Wood armchair is completely contemporary, it still has this nod to my childhood which I absolutely love. When I’m shopping around, I’m always drawn to things that are more peculiar and exciting.”

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